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SIASChains: Snapshot Isolation Append Storage Chains

  • Asymmetric read/write storage technologies such as Flash are becoming a dominant trend in modern database systems. They introduce hardware characteristics and properties which are fundamentally different from those of traditional storage technologies such as HDDs. Multi-Versioning Database Management Systems (MV-DBMSs) and Log-based Storage Managers (LbSMs) are concepts that can effectively address the properties of these storage technologies but are designed for the characteristics of legacy hardware. A critical component of MV-DBMSs is the invalidation model: commonly, transactional timestamps are assigned to the old and the new version, resulting in two independent (physical) update operations. Those entail multiple random writes as well as in-place updates, sub-optimal for new storage technologies both in terms of performance and endurance. Traditional page-append LbSM approaches alleviate random writes and immediate in-place updates, hence reducing the negative impact of Flash read/write asymmetry. Nevertheless, they entail significant mapping overhead, leading to write amplification. In this work we present an approach called Snapshot Isolation Append Storage Chains (SIAS-Chains) that employs a combination of multi-versioning, append storage management in tuple granularity and novel singly-linked (chain-like) version organization. SIAS-Chains features: simplified buffer management, multi-version indexing and introduces read/write optimizations to data placement on modern storage media. SIAS-Chains algorithmically avoids small in-place updates, caused by in-place invalidation and converts them into appends. Every modification operation is executed as an append and recently inserted tuple versions are co-located.

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Author of HS ReutlingenPetrov, Ilia
Erschienen in:International Workshop on Accelerating Analytics and Data Management Systems Using Modern Processor and Storage Architectures, ADMS@VLDB 2017, Munich, Germany, September 1, 2017
Publisher:Universität Trier
Place of publication:Trier
Editor:Rajesh Bordawekar
Document Type:Conference proceeding
Publication year:2017
Page Number:8
First Page:50
Last Page:57
DDC classes:004 Informatik
Open access?:Nein